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Today, businesses must adopt new technologies faster than ever or become industry footnotes.

SavvyCatz Services believes in a shared destiny with our clients, so each project you hire us for must be successful!  That belief is the cornerstone of our every decision, procedure and line of program code.

For most technology providers this business is more about financial science and less about innovation.  SavvyCatz Services doesn’t create products, get paid, then laugh in a sinister fashion as we heap change and chaos upon your business.  That’s not acceptable behavior…not at all!  With you at our side, we carefully design and craft YOUR technology solution. Then we remain at your side to make sure your employees love it!

This is why you don’t see a long list of canned products available for immediate sale on our website with arbitrary pricing determined by bean-counters to meet their sales goals.  We customize the solution to you instead of wrapping you around our solution like a pretzel.  Your name is not “Everybody Else”, so why should you use “Everybody Else’s” IT solution. You take pride in putting your company name on your products and services, so why not do the same for the technology that drives your back office?

What’s incredible is we do this for way less of your hard earned capital than the software factories!  Call us now and let’s discover what we can do together!